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Fine Art: Books + Ebooks

A Subject Guide for the School of Fine Art

Fine Art Books and Ebooks for Research

Please use the informational tabs to find resources in different types of books and Ebooks housed at the Academy of Art University LibraryYou can also use the links in red to search the catalog and to discover more resources related to your research topic. If you have any questions or suggestions for additions to the guide, please contact Alissa van Erp, the Fine Art subject specialist.

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etching with skeleton figures

Guadalupe Posada, Calavera of Don Quixote,1910

Book Checkout Policies


Circulating books:

7 books for 14 days. 2 renewals allowed. 

Link+ books:

3 books for 21 days. 1 renewal allowed.


Graduate Students and Faculty

Circulating books: 

10 books for 14 days. 2 renewals allowed.

Link+ books:

3 books for 21 days. 1 renewal allowed. 


Department Directors

Circulating books:

10 books for the duration of the semester. Books must be returned by the last day of the semester in which they were checked out.

Link+ books:

3 books for 21 days. 1 renewal allowed. 



Course Reserves

The library purchases copies of textbooks for current onsite classes, and where available purchases the e-book version of textbooks for online courses. Print copies are on Course Reserve at the Library, which means that they are available for use within the library for a one hour time period. This ensures that all students are able to access these popular titles. You can search the library catalog for your course reserve items by course number or by instructor name using the Course Reserves search page. Course Reserves are kept behind the Circulation Desk near the entrance to the Library.

Topic Call Number Area
Encyclopedias & Dictionaries ND30-31
Biography ND35
History-General Works ND50
Ancient (Egypt, Greece, Rome) ND75-130
Medieval Painting ND140 B
Byzantine Painting ND142
15th-19th Century-European ND170-190
20th Century Painting ND195
     Abstract Painting ND196.A2
     Expressionism ND196.E9
     Surrealism ND196.S8
Painting by Region/Country ND201-1114
     United States ND205-237
     Canada ND240
     Mexico ND250
     South America ND320-449
     Great Britain ND461-497
     France ND541-553
     Germany ND563-588
     Italy ND611-623
     Netherlands ND631-653
     Belgium ND661-673
     Russia ND681-699
     Spain ND801-813
     China ND1040-1045
     Japan ND1050-1059
Painting - General Works ND1130
Painting-Appreciation and Interpretation ND1143-1145
Figure Painting ND1290
Portrait Painting ND1293
Landscape Painting ND1340
Still Life Painting ND1390
History of Painting Technique ND1471
Color Theory ND1486
Painting Technique and Materials-Instructional ND1500
Murals, Frescoes, and Graffiti ND2550-2880
Illuminated Manuscripts ND2889
Topic Call Number Area
Encyclopedias, Textbooks, Dictionaries NB50
     Ancient – Egypt, Greece, Rome NB75
     Medieval and Renaissance Sculpture NB170
     Early Modern and Modern Sculpture NB197
Sculptors – Alphabetical by Artist’s Last Name NB237-249
Sculpture by Region/Country NB205-1080
     American NB205
     California NB230
     Mexican NB250
     European NB450
     British NB463
     French NB463
     German NB568
     Italian NB613
     Indian NB1002
     Japanese, Chinese, and Korean NB1036
     African NB1080
Sculpture Technique NB1140
Sculpture Interpretation and Appreciation NB1170
Sculpture Materials NB1200-1270
     Soft Sculpture NB1203
     Cement Sculpture NB1215
     Metal Sculpture NB1220
     Wood Sculpture NB1250
     Terracotta Sculpture NB1265
     Paper, Neon, Glass NB1270
Funerary Sculpture NB1856
Figure Sculpting NB1930
Sculpting Animals NB1940
Topic Call Number Area
Printmaking and engraving NE1-978
     General NE1-90
     Engraved portraits NE218-330
     Conservation and restoration of prints NE380
     History of printmaking NE400-773
     General works NE830-898
     Study and teaching NE970-973
     Competitions NE975-975.4
     Equipment NE977-978
Wood engraving NE1000-1352
     General NE1000-1027
     History NE1030-1196.3
     General works NE1220-1233
     Japanese prints NE1310-1326.5
     Linoleum block prints NE1330-1336
Metal engraving NE1400-1879
     General NE1400-1422
     General works NE1620-1630
     History NE1634-1749
     Copper engraving NE1750-1775
     Color prints NE1850-1879
Etching and aquatint NE1940-2232.5
     General NE1940-1975
     History NE1980-2055.5
     General works NE2120-2140
     Dry point NE2220-2225
Serigraphy NE2236-2240.6
Monotype (Printmaking) NE2242-2246
Lithography NE2250-2570
Lumiprints NE2685-2685.8
Engraving on glass NE2690
Printing of engravings NE2800-2880
Topic Call Number Area
Zoology QL1-991
     Invertebrates QL360-599.82
     Reptiles and Amphibians QL640-669.3
     Birds QL671-699
     Mammals QL700-739.8
     Comparative Anatomy QL801-950.9
Human Anatomy QM1-695
     General QM1-511
     Skeleton QM101-117
     Joints QM131-142
     Muscles QM151-170
     Vascular System QM178-197
     Respiration and Voice QM251-265
     Digestion QM301-367
     Nervous System QM451-471
     Sense Organs QM501-511
Physiology QP1-981
     Musculoskeletal System, Movements QP301-321
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How to access Ebooks

Ebooks are included in the library catalog. The title of the book includes [e-book] and the location will be "Online Resource." Click on the title of the book and you will reach the ebook's item page. Click on the link in the yellow bar in the middle of the page to access the e-book. 

Use the Advanced Search function for the library catalog to limit your results to ebooks. Type in the title or keywords for the book that you would like, then, under Material Type, select "ebooks" from the drop down menu. Your search results will only include ebook titles. 

A third method, is to search the ebrary database directly. The link to ebrary can be found on the Library website's Online Resources page. Scroll down to find the ebrary link. Select it, and use the search box to search for relevant titles.

Click here for a full guide to using AAU Library ebooks. 

Interlibrary Loan with Link+

Link+ is a union catalog of over 9 million contributed holdings from participating libraries in California and Nevada. AAU students, faculty and staff can electronically request items not available at the AAU Library and have them delivered for check out. Link+ may be accessed directly at or by clicking the Search Link+ button on the library’s search pages. Link+ items will arrive at the AAU Library in 2 to 4 days and an email message will be sent letting you know they have arrived. The loan period for books is 21 days, with one 21-day renewal. There is no charge to request or borrow Link+ items.


sculpture of an elongated figure

Alberto Giacometti, Walking Man II, 1959-60, Bronze