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Graphic Design: Periodicals and Ejournals

A Subject Guide for the School of Graphic Design

Print Graphic Design Periodicals

All periodicals below are located in the Periodicals section at the Library.  Click a link below for catalog call number.  Please visit the circulation desk if you have questions about locating these periodicals.  

3D World Magazine

3D World: The International Magazine for 3D Artists (popular periodical): The world's best selling magazine for CG artists.

Applied Arts Magazine

Applied Arts Magazine (trade periodical): Provides imagery, strong opinions, timely information and essential insight to creative and marketing professionals.  This periodical is also available online.  

Baseline Magazine

Baseline: International Typographics Magazine (trade periodical): Baseline sets out to reflect all aspects of type, including its design, history, use, and links to the graphic, art and craft scenes.

Bound and Lettered

Bound & Lettered (popular periodical): Artists' books, bookbinding, papercraft, calligraphy.

Communication Arts

Communication Arts (trade periodical): Includes advertising, illustration and photography annuals.

Computer Arts

Computer Arts (popular periodical): The multi-award-winning magazine for designers.

Design Issues

Design Issues: History, Theory, Criticism (academic periodical): Articles about the criticism, history and theory as they relate to the professions of design.  This periodical is also available online

Eye the international review of graphic design

Eye: The International Review of Graphic Design (trade periodical): Eye is published quarterly for professional designers, students and anyone interested in critical, informed writing about design and visual culture.

Ejournals and Online Graphic Design Periodicals

To access: 

The Library provides remote access to journals, magazines, newspapers, and Ebooks through EBSCO. To access these resources from off-campus, when prompted, enter your name and the 8-digit student or faculty ID number located on the front of your AAU ID card.

Click an image or link below.  Then, click the year under All issues to select a particular issue.  Or, click Search within this publication to search all issues.  Add keywords to your search by selecting Advanced Search

Applied arts

Applied Arts Magazine (trade periodical): Provides imagery, strong opinions, timely information and essential insight to creative and marketing professionals.  This periodical is also available in print.


Print (popular periodical): Print portfolios, profiles, regional design, thematic issues, computer advances, historical perspective and provocative articles in all areas of the field of graphic design for designers, illustrators and photographers worldwide.

Understanding Periodicals

A periodical is a term used to describe any publication that is issued periodically — daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at some other interval. Examples of periodicals include newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals. It is important to understand the difference between types of periodicals in order to find the most relevant materials for your information need. 

Popular: Popular periodicals are also known as consumer magazines. They are directed at the general public, and can cover a broad or narrow topic of interest. They usually contain short articles on a variety of topics written by various authors in an informal style. They are useful for their coverage of current events and popular opinion.

Trade: Trade periodicals are also known as professional magazines. They are geared towards the interests of a specific industry or occupation. Articles usually fall somewhere between popular and scholarly—short to medium in length, can contain some advertisements or illustrations, and may or may not contain a bibliography. They are useful for their “insider” coverage of industry trends, practices, and opinions.

Academic: Academic periodicals are also known as scholarly journals or peer-reviewed journals. Written by and for professionals in a particular field, usually employing industry jargon or sophisticated terminology. They consist of original research and commentary on current developments within a specific discipline. Articles are often lengthy, include minimal illustrations and advertisements, and almost always include a bibliography. Useful for their original and rigorous approaches to problem solving by experts in a particular field.

Current and Bound Print Periodicals

The Academy of Art Library subscribes to nearly 200 periodicals that are housed in two locations within the library, the Current Periodicals tower and the Bound Periodicals stacks. The Current Periodicals tower is located in the library's group study area. Periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title with the latest issue displayed. If you lift up the shelf that the latest issue is on, you will find the previous issues from the current calendar year. At the end of the year, periodicals are bound and placed in our Bound Periodicals stacks adjacent to the Current Periodicals tower. The periodicals are left intact and placed together in a single volume. Please note, many of the periodical titles the library subscribes to in print are available to read in full-text online using the library's databases.