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Motion Picture and Television: MFA Thesis Projects

A Subject Guide for the School of Motion Picture and Television

MFA Thesis Projects

The Academy of Art Library offers current students the opportunity to view previous students' MFA theses for research and review. The library has a small collection of physical copies of theses from 2011 and Spring 2012 that are housed in the Library. Theses completed after Spring 2012 through the present are only available online. To browse previous students' theses, click the MFA Projects link and select the link for your major.  Physical and online theses are listed separately. Physical MFA theses can be viewed in the Special Collections Room at the Library. Contact if you have any questions.

Selected MPT Online MFA Thesis Projects

Online MFA Thesis are in PDF format and can be found on the AAU Library's website.  To view online MFA Thesis, select the appropriate MFA thesis.  Then select the MFA Thesis link in the yellow box.

Selected MPT MFA Thesis Projects in the Library

The Academy of Art University Library houses physical MFA Thesis from 2012.  Physical copies MFA Thesis can be viewed in the Special Collections room at the Academy of Art University Library