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Visual Development: Media

A Subject Guide for the School of Visual Development

Citing Films or Videos

Title of Film or Video. Name of Director, Film Studio or Distributor, and the Release Year.

You may include other data that seems pertinent such as names of the screenwriter, performers, and producer after the name of the director. For films dubbed or subtitled in English, you may give the English title and follow it with the original title, italicized, in square brackets.

The format (film, DVD, VHS, etc.) on which the work was viewed is no longer included.

Example - Film, Video, DVD, VHS, etc.:

It's a Wonderful Life. Directed by Frank Capra, performances by James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, and Thomas Mitchell, RKO, 1946.

For audio and video content found online, include descriptive information to help readers understand the type of source you are citing. If the author and the uploader are the same, only cite once. If they are different, place the author’s name before the title.

Example - YouTube, Vimeo, etc:

“Academy of Art University April 2009 Fashion Show.” YouTube, uploaded by Academy of Art University, 29 June 2011,

Selected DVDs for Visual Development

3D character design

3D Character Design Volumes 1 & 2Scott Patton shows the processes he uses to create finished character designs for feature films.

3D creature development master class

3D Creature Development Master ClassAlvarez demonstrates a variety of modern 3D techniques and 3D tools through a series of video lectures.

Advanced 3D matte painting

Advanced 3D Matte PaintingGarrett Fry demonstrates the entire process of how to create a 3D matte painted and projected environment, including modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, painting, projecting and compositing.

Building creatures using ZBrush

Building Creatures Using ZbrushUsing ZSpheres to design the initial body structure, Aaron develops the character from scratch. He then demonstrates how to skin the ZSpheres and add details, color and lighting. 

Vehicle design with Alex Jaeger

Vehicle Design with Alex JaegerIn this series Alex Jaeger demonstrates his process for designing a futuristic military vehicle based on descriptions from a science fiction screenplay. 

Selected Visual Development Podcasts

DVD Checkout Policies

The Academy of Art Library’s film collection is located at the Circulation desk. Academy of Art Undergraduate and Graduate students may borrow three films for three days and are allowed one renewal.  Academy of Art Faculty and Department Directors may borrow five films for seven days and are not allowed to renew borrowed items. All films can be checked out at the Library’s Circulation desk. 

Streaming Video