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Interior Architecture & Design: Articles and Databases

A Subject Guide for the School of Interior Architecture & Design

Accessing AAU Databases

Unless otherwise noted, you can access all of the subscription websites and databases without logging in when in the library or other AAU buildings. To access these resources from off-campus, when prompted, enter your name and the 8-digit student or faculty ID number located on the front of your AAU ID card. Some resources require a separate username and password; please read the description of each resource for more information. If you have trouble accessing any of the websites or databases, contact

Recommended Databases for Interior Architecture & Design Research

Citing Online Articles and Databases in APA Style

For all electronic articles, include the DOI (digital object identifier) in the reference if one is assigned. The DOI is typically listed on the first page of the article or in the detailed record of the citation.


Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Online Periodical,

volume number(issue number if available). Retrieved from URL (address of page)

Journal article, one author, full-text online database, with DOI (Perry, 1973, p.276)

Perry, A. (1973). The effect of heredity on attitudes toward alcohol, cigarettes, and

         coffee. Journal of Applied Psychology, 58(2), 275-277. doi: 10.1037/h0035527

Journal article, two authors, full-text online database, without a DOI (Baily & Sage, 1988, p.128)

Bailey, C. I., & Sage, G. H. (1988). Values communicated by a sports event: the case

         of the Super Bowl. / Valeurs transmises par un evenement sportif: le cas du

         "super-bowl". Journal Of Sport Behavior, 11(3), 126-143. Retrieved from

Magazine article, full-text online database (“Call of the East”, 2005)
Note: only use article title if an author cannot be found

“Call of the East”. (2005, Feb 19). The Economist. Retrieved from