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Materials Library: Getting-Started

Materials Library from Material ConneXion

The Materials Library has moved to the Warehouse!

The materials library is now located in Room 320 at 1849 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA.

Did you know The Academy of Art University has a materials library? Working with Material ConneXion, the world's largest library of unique, innovative and sustainable materials, the collection provides a wide range of material samples for students and faculty to explore, from textiles to building materials and many areas in between.

Material categories include carbon-based, cement-based, ceramics, glass, metals, naturals, polymers, and process.


What Is It?

The Academy of Art University partners with Material ConneXion to offer a custom library of material samples. Material ConneXion is the leading global platform for material solutions and innovation. The collection provides students and faculty the opportunity to have an interactive experience with physical material samples that are paired with an online database that provides comprehensive information on featured materials as well as other materials in the same category. Material ConneXion was built on the belief that Every Idea has a Material Solution™; they are the trusted advisor for Fortune 500 companies, smaller forward-thinking companies, and government agencies seeking a creative or competitive edge through strategic material selections.

How Do I Access It?

The materials library is located on the main floor of 1849 Washington Street, room 320. 

To access the online database go to From the library homepage use the dropdown menu under Find Resources to navigate to the Online Resources page. You can access the database by clicking on the Material ConneXion Link. 

Alternately, simply select the link below to access the database when you are on campus. If you are accessing the database remotely you will be asked to log in using your AAU Library credentials.

How Do I Create an Account?

To use the database in conjunction with the materials library you need to create an account within the database. Select the Personal Account link in the top right-hand corner of the database homepage. 

You will use your Academy of Art University email address (,, or to sign up. Check your email at

Once you are logged in to your personal account you can use a QR code scanning app on a smart phone or tablet to scan the QR code on a material's tabula to access more information about the material sample in the Material ConneXion database.

How Does This Help Me?

Material ConneXion is an important resource for artists and designers – anyone who makes or designs physical objects. Material ConneXion give you hands on experience with materials used in the industry as well as access to a comprehensive database that provides important information regarding the material, the manufacturer, and ordering information. 


Subject Liaison

Profile Photo
Debra Sampson
180 New Montgomery St., 6th FL
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 618-3916
Subjects: Design, Liberal Arts

Materials Library Hours Fall 2022

The Materials Library is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 12pm and 5pm, for the Fall 2022 semester.

Materials Library Tour

For Faculty Only:

If you would like to bring your class to the library for a guided tour of the materials library please fill out this form. You will be contacted by a librarian to arrange a time and discuss the details of your visit.

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The Materials Library is open to all students at AAU. Below are the subject guides for majors specifically related to the materials library.