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Materials Library: Informational Videos

Materials Library from Material ConneXion

What Is A ...?

The materials library is organized according to chemical composition rather than intended use to encourage outside-the-box thinking. The categories are scientific in nature, but are tailored to suit the design community. The videos below offer quick and informative explanations of each of the material categories in the library. 

Material ConneXion Database Walkthrough

This video will provide you with an overview of how the samples in the materials library are categorized and shows how you can use them in tandem with the Material ConneXion database. 

Andrew Dent - TED Talk

There's no such thing as throwing something away, says Andrew Dent -- when you toss a used food container, broken toy or old pair of socks into the trash, those things inevitably end up in ever-growing landfills. But we can get smarter about the way we make, and remake, our products. Dent shares exciting examples of thrift -- the idea of using and reusing what you need so you don't have to purchase anything new -- as well as advances in material science, like electronics made of nanocellulose and enzymes that can help make plastic infinitely recyclable.