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Art History: Digital Images

A Subject Guide for the School of Art History

Copyright and Fair Use

The websites listed on this page are for reference and research purposes only.

Usage guidelines vary widely by resource. Some images are open-access and free to use, while others may require a licensing fee. It is every student’s ethical responsibility to evaluate the usage guidelines when choosing to reproduce any image to avoid copyright violation.

Respect the intellectual property of others and use your best judgment when deciding to reproduce an image, and always credit your source!

bronze statue of figure

Donatello, David, 1430-1440

Image Research Help

Do you need help finding specific images in LUNA or on the Web but can't make it to the library to talk to the Visual Resources Librarian? Submit your question and our Visual Resources Librarian will get back to you, usually within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Faculty Digitization Requests

Faculty can submit requests to the Visual Resources Librarian at any time to have new images digitized locally and uploaded to LUNA to support their specific courses. If you would like more information about the faculty digitization request process, please contact the Visual Resources Librarian at

Luna Image Database

In addition to LUNA, the library has a curated list of image resources on our Digital Images page.

How to Save Metadata from LUNA

At this time, images exported from LUNA do not include the accompanying metadata. Metadata provides the information necessary for identification and citation of an image.

This guide gives recommended methods to enable you to save image metadata so you will be able to quickly and easily access this information for your research and studies.

Citing Digital Images in Chicago Style


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reclining nude figure

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Grande Odalisque, 1814

Other Resources for Finding Images