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Art History: Research Methodologies for Art History

A Subject Guide for the School of Art History


Below you will find resources related to research methodologies in Art History. These resources discuss both primary and secondary research methodologies and practices in the field of Art History. In other words, they give guidance on how to conduct your own research activities (primary research) and discuss and review secondary research strategies. For tips and tutorials on the research process see our Research Process: A Step-By-Step Guide or follow the links in the Research Process Overview box below.

Research Methodology books for Art History

Plagiarism @ AAU

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According to the Academy of Art University Academic Freedom & Academic Responsibility Policy:

"All art and design work, and all written work, must be the original work of the student. Any quotations, paraphrases, or direct appropriation of imagery or ideas from source material must be properly cited according to university, departmental, and/or instructor policy."

Plagiarism may take many forms:

  • cheating,
  • copying information directly without providing quotation marks,
  • failing to cite sources, or
  • citing sources incorrectly.

It does not matter whether you intended to plagiarize or whether the plagiarism occurred unintentionally; it still constitutes academic dishonesty. Ignorance of the rules of correct citation is not an acceptable excuse.

Plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty can subject a student to disciplinary action under the university's Student Code of Conduct.

Writing About Art helps educators check students’ work for proper citation or possible plagiarism by comparing it against three continually updated content bases:

  • billions of pages of web content,
  • millions of pages of proprietary content from subscription publications, and
  • over 80 million student papers previously submitted to Turnitin.

Easy-to-read Originality Reports help teach students about proper citation and ensure their academic integrity.

Many instructors at the Academy of Art University use to check students' work for proper citation. Your instructor will inform you if you need to submit your work to for their class.