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Fashion Merchandising: Media

A Subject Guide for the School of Fashion Merchandising

Citing Films or Videos

Title of Film or Video. Name of Director, Film Studio or Distributor, and the Release Year.

You may include other data that seems pertinent such as names of the screenwriter, performers, and producer after the name of the director. For films dubbed or subtitled in English, you may give the English title and follow it with the original title, italicized, in square brackets.

The format (film, DVD, VHS, etc.) on which the work was viewed is no longer included.

Example - Film, Video, DVD, VHS, etc.:

It's a Wonderful Life. Directed by Frank Capra, performances by James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, and Thomas Mitchell, RKO, 1946.

For audio and video content found online, include descriptive information to help readers understand the type of source you are citing. If the author and the uploader are the same, only cite once. If they are different, place the author’s name before the title.

Example - YouTube, Vimeo, etc:

“Academy of Art University April 2009 Fashion Show.” YouTube, uploaded by Academy of Art University, 29 June 2011,

Vogue's Future of Fashion

A multi-part documentary series created by Vogue and hosted by Alexa Chung, exploring behind the scenes of the fashion industry. The documentary interviews people from all parts of the fashion industry to give fashion a “wider cultural context,” and to help young people wanting to work in the fashion industry understand the myriad roles that are on offer. You can watch the full series one below, or see a full list of episodes here

DVD Checkout Policies

The Academy of Art Library has an extensive film collection that is located in the main library.


Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Circulating DVDs:

3 DVDs for 3 days. 1 renewal allowed. 


Course Reserve DVDs must be viewed in the library.


Faculty and Department Directors

Circulating DVDs: 

5 DVDs for 7 days. 1 renewal allowed. 


Course Reserve DVDs may be borrowed to screen in class and must be returned as soon as possible after viewing.