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Research Process: A Step-By-Step Guide: Getting Started

A guide to help you through the steps of the research process.


As fine art, design and entertainment students and professionals you will be expected to conduct professional level research. Research assignments at the Academy of Art University are geared towards introducing students to research practices in the creative industry. Additionally, as a creative professional you will need to conduct research to further inspire and inform your own creative process. The skills associated with conducting high quality research are called information literacy skills. The resources on this page are intended to help students improve their research skills in order to become information literate professionals. Here you'll find video tutorials and downloadable materials that outline strategies and skills for every part of the research process.


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Information Literacy

What is Information Literacy?

To the right is an infographic that explains the concept of Information Literacy. Hover over the image for an enlarged view.

Also, take a look at this short video about what constitutes information:

What is Information?

A Maya Films Production

What Does It Mean to Be Information Literate?

Now that we know what information is, what does it mean to be information literate? As you can see, information literacy is a lot of things, but most importantly it's about being able to effectively and efficiently find the best information for your needs. As an active participant in the information process, you can use the resources on this guide to become a better researcher and in the process, become information literate.



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